How to remove contacts from Telegram?


Hey! Thanks for this website. I have a lot of people in my contacts in Telegram (almost all contacts from my phonebook). How I can delete some contacts from my Telegram which I am not going to chat with? Thanks!

Hi Nick. It depends on which device you use:

To remove contacts from Telegram desktop app:

1) Click on the menu icon in the top left corner of Telegram app
Delete contact from Telegram
2) Click «Contacts»
Remove contact from Telegram
3) Then click on the contact that you want to delete from Telegram. Chat with this contact will be opened.
4) In the right sidebar below information about this contact you will see menu. Click «Delete contact»

To remove contacts from Telegram mobile app (Android or iOS):

1) Go to Contacts and click on contact that you want to delete
2) In the chat window click on contact name or avatar.
3) At the right top corner of your Telegram app you will see 3 vertical dots. Click on them.
4) Click «Delete».

That is it!