How to add telegram stickers?


Hello guys! I want to add stickers to my telegram but dont know how to do that. Can anybody explain me how I can upload and add stickers on telegram? Appreciate any help!

Hi Kelly. There are few ways how you can add stickers on Telegram.

Add telegram stickers by link

This is the easiest way. If you have direct link to stickers pack just click on it, and Telegram app automatically will suggest you to install these stickers. We have a section on our website «Telegram Stickers» where you can find stickers that you like and immidiately install them in just one click.

How to add your own Telegram stickers

If you want to add your own stickers to Telegram (and you've already created them) or you want to add stickers from your computer you need to send message to telegram bot Stickers.
In the left top corner of Telegram app you will see search form. Type there bot's name: @Stickers

And then click on Stickers bot's account:

In the chat with Stickers bot send him a command:
And specify name of stickers pack.
Then send him next command:
And send smile which is related to your sticker
Then send image file of your sticker
If everything is ok with formatting, send the last command:

Please don't forget about limitations when you will add telegram stickers:
Image file format: png
Max. height: 512 px
Max width: 512 px